World of Warcraft Trading Card Game: Drums of War PVP Battle Deck

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Deck includes: Two 44-card preconstructed decks, one Alliance and one Horde Three random oversize hero cards One UDE Points card One rulebook
The thundering drums of war echo throughout the land of Kalimdor. New warlords ride through the gates of Orgrimmar, eager to serve the warchief and leave their marks on the pages of history. Small battalions of Alliance soldiers arrive at outposts throughout Azeroth. It is only a matter of time until the piercing battle cries, roaring magic, and crashing steel evoke the symphony of war once again. When the dust settles, will you be remembered, or will you fade into oblivion? The seventh set in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, Drums of War is introduced in two, playable Battle Decks (one Horde, one Alliance) offered in 6-count displays, and boosters packed in 24-count displays.
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