World of Warcraft Trading Card Game: Naxxramas Raid Deck

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Raid Deck includes: 110 Raid Deck cards (plus one UDE card or Loot card) 16 Treasure Pack cards 15 Oversize hero cards 1 Rulebook
Hovering in Dragonblight, the mighty necropolis of Naxxramas and the Scourge forces within have begun to systematically wipe out all those who oppose the Lich King in Northrend. Be prepared for the terrifying monstrosities that lumber within the walls for they are not for the faint of heart. Now is the time to strike a mighty blow against the Lich King by destroying Kel'Thuzad and the Scourge army that he commands. The warriors of the frozen wastes await you, enter if you dare. Face off against a wide variety of foes such as Death Knights, Abominations, Spiders, Plagues, and Liches as your party must navigate through all four wings of Naxxramas before battling Kel'Thuzad! This 110-card Raid Deck includes one UDE Points or uniquely coded rare Loot card, plus 15 oversized hero cards, a rulebook, and a Udeck Carrying Case.
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