Trigun: The Planet Gunsmoke Vash the Stampede Figure

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Imported from Japan. Manufactured by Kaiyodo. 22 points of articulation. Includes a display base and optional parts. Brand new, mint condition. First released back in 2001. Size: 8 inches Size: 8 inches
This incredibly detailed figure brings out the essence of the Trigun anime, in all its gritty, rough-and-tumble glory. Vash is posed casually, his duster blowing in the wind. He comes with several accessories, including the black cat, a beat-up "wanted" sign, gun, and display stand littered with empty bullet shells. This figure also features a secret weapon and 22 pivot points. Designed by Yasuhiro Nightow and sculpted by Masaki Apsy.
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SKU 80397
Brand Trigun
Manufacturer Kaiyodo
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