Deleter Comic Book Paper: Type A B4/135kg with Scale

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  1. Paper Types (A-F)
    I just thought I'd give some information about the different types of papers and what the letters (A through F) mean. There was no review or detailed info on this site (or anywhere else I could find) so I bought some different kinds to see for myself. I can only talk about A, C, and F in detail because I only bought them.

    note: unless otherwise noted (only in F, actually), all lines on these papers are in blue, non-reproducible ink that won't show up when you copy it.

    A seems to be the standard type. A papers come with blue ruler scale marks along the edges, cut off lines, and bleed lines. This is the basic paper you want if you want to produce professional manuscripts ready for submission.

    B has no lines.

    C has simpler guidelines than A. It only has the outermost ruler grid and the inner main printing area marked. It lacks the cut off line and the bleed lines. Plus, the outer line (ruler scale) has narrower top and bottom margins than the A and F papers. Not sure what this is about.

    D is geared for 4 frame manga so I wasn't interested in it.

    E has gridlines printed in the printing area that are 3mm apart. There is none on this site, but you can buy it on the DeleterUSA website: ( Kind of unnecessary in my opinion, but who knows who will find it useful?

    F is almost identical to A, with just one difference of having black tick marks along the rulers marking the center marks and cut off marks. Not a major difference, but may make a difference with the company you are submitting to (if you are).

    In my opinion A and F are the standard papers to use if you want an easier time fitting your frames to the printable size. They have all the guidelines printed on the page (non-reproducible) so you are never uncertain how it'll turn out in print.

    I hope this helps other people out when choosing the paper.

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