DVD: Urusei Yatsura TV Vol. 4

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starts swiping the girl's swimsuits; Cherry and Sakura take a Hotel's "Full Course From Hell" "Free if you can eat it all" challenge; Mendou Shutaro, the richest boy in Japan, is transferred to Tomobiki High, and causes chaos when he runs for class president. Then Lum uses high-tech astrology to decide who is the best match for her: Ataru or Mendou; Benten and her fellow Chinese Gods of Luck have their annual End-of-Winter grudge match against Lum and the Oni; Benten comes back with a few friends to make Lum's life lousy! Finally, a mysterious teacher-for-hire arrives at the school, and he's going to clean up the class; and if you think Lum, Ataru and Mendou are bad, the first meeting of their mothers threatens to plunge the galaxy into war!

During a Hawaiian vacation, someone starts swiping the girl's swimsuits...
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