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Tenchi on Earth 2 Episode 5: No Need For Partners! - Kiyone is the most capable Galaxy Police detective. She has believed that her goofy partner Mihoshi died on her mission, until the day HQ informed her that Mihoshi is waiting to be rescued on planet Earth. Not exactly good news for Kiyone! She sets out for Earth, hoping that HG has given her misinformation but knowhing somehow it's true. And she's right. She finds Mihoshi waiting for her, smiling her guileless smile, waiting for her, along with some suprising unexpected company: the most wanted criminal, the missing princesses and the legendary mad scientist! Kiyone's nightmarish days are back. Meet Kiyone, the only 'victim' character we have besides Tenchi. While she has never been part of the 'regular' cast in the OVA series, we know that her valiant performances in our specials and CD dramas have won her many followers who would now officially welcome her as one of the main cast members. Episode 6: No Need For Resident Officers! - By an unexpected order from the Galaxy Police HQ, our mismatched due, Mihoshi and Kiyone, are assigned to stay on Earth as resident officers. They move out of the Masaki residence to start their own lives in a meager apartment. Nothing can affect Mihoshi, she simply remains her goofy, cheerful self wherever she is. Kiyone, on the other hand, has all the worries in the universe. She now has to 'baby-sit' her partner while struggling with the high cost of living on Earth. They have to work many hours on part-time jobs to make a living, and the moment they receive a duty call, they have to drop everything to rush in their spaceship, Yagami, to the scene of a crime. The Miho-Kiyo Duo is ever on duty, bound by a strange bond of rotten fate! Episode 7: No Need For a Carnival! - One summer evening, an annual carnival takes place at the Masaki Shrine. Tenchi takes excited Sasami there to check it out. What they discover, mixed in with the other booths at the carnival, are Ryoko's fish-scooping booth, Ayeka's shooting gallery, a fried noodle shop run by Mihoshi and Kiyone, and Washu's house of horrors...none of which are as normal as they look in the beginning! You may think that carnivals are just for fun, but this one proves to be a life-threatening adventure for Tenchi! To add to the commotion, as Ryoko and Ayeka start to fight(what else is new?), things get out of hand.
Tenchi on Earth 2
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