DVD: Tenchi Universe Collection 1

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Tenchi Muyo on Earth 1 Episode 1: No Need For Discussions! - Our first episode opens with Tenchi's monologue as he reminisces about 'those days.' This narration is important, as you will see at the end of this series, so just keep it in mind. Episode 2: No Need For A Princess! - The rivalry between Ryoko and Ayeka goes far back to their childhood. What facts could possibly build the kind of childhood stories they tell? You are going to see this old conflict erupt again during this series. Now you will have a chance to see Ryoko as a little girl for the first time. Episode 3: No Need For Worries! - Lucky you! You're going to meet two of our most popular characters Ryo-ohki and Sasami in the same episode. Like any other pets, our Ryo-ohki has her favorite food; carrots! As for Sasami, you can enjoy watching her both in her space suits and everyday clothes. Episode 4: No Need for Monsters! - It is Washu we find in that cave, not Ryoko like in the OVA series. From this point on, our TV series starts to take a clearly different road from the OVA series. For instance, Mihoshi and Washu do not seem to have any special 'love' feelings for Tenchi. By the way, don't you love the little Washu Puppets cheering on Washu's shoulders? They could make a perfect merchandising item!
Tenchi Muyo on Earth 1
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