DVD: Cowboy Bebop (V.4) - 4th Session

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Episodes 15-18. Faye is brash, reckless, and sometimes uncouth. But who is Faye Valentine really? Even she doesn't know. All she knows is that her story began over fifty years ago...

A riot on a prison ship reunites Jet with his old partner from his days with the ISSP. The criminal who took over the ship is the one responsible for Jet's arm. And now, Jet, the Black Dog, has a score to settle. And once the Black Dog bites, he doesn't let go.

The Bebop is out of fuel, the crew is out of cash, and now, they're out of food. Driven by hunger, Ed and Ein set off on a hunt for food and wind up in the middle of the strangest bounty hunt yet. What can a thirteen-year-old genius and a data dog do against their adversaries? Plenty...

A package comes for Faye - COD of course. So when she's not around to open it, Spike and Jet take the liberty of seeing what's inside. Their search for the equipment needed to decipher this package takes them to the ruins of Earth, and leads them back into Faye's past.


Episodes 15-18. Faye is brash, reckless, and sometimes uncouth.

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