CD: Ninja Resurrection Original Soundtrack

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1. Legend of Satan (Main Title) 2. Miracle 3. Midnight Attack 4. Banner-Seal of Heterodoxy: The Son of Deus 5. Spy Swordsman Jubei and the Fivefold Group 6. Fated Battle: Jubei and Shiro Amakusa 7. Secret Skill: Demon Realm Reincarnation 8. Fallen Castle of Shimahara 9. Fight Unto the Death: Separation from the Father 10. Onu and Yataro 11. Practice Competition: Onu vs. Osu 12. Separation 13. Reincarnated Ones (Not Used) 14. Jubei's Mountain Crossing 15. Musashi of Reigon Hall 16. Resurrection of Satan: Shiro Amakusa, Come Out!
16 Tracks
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