CD: The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA Soundtrack 1

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1. Prologue...Distant Feelings 2. To Wide Open Space... 3. Emergency on the Frontier 4. A Scheme Like Fire 5. The Name is Project R 6. The Type Who's Always on the Scene 7. The Soldiers' Hangout 8. The School of Brain and Brawn 9. A Private Inquiry 10. 0A Soldier with a Special Duty. 11. 1What and Why? 12. Subject of Analysis 13. Official Inquiry 14. An Unforeseen Situation 15. What and Why, Redux 16. Emergency Measures 17. Surprise! 18. Scattered Cherry Blossoms 19. The Red Flash 20. In My Name... 21. My Name is "Captain" 22. A Man's Concrete Ambitions 23. A Character Proposal 24. The Breath of Storm Clouds 25. The War They Call Peace 26. A Clear Secret 27. The Subjects' Doubts 28. Traces of the Formless 29. Sentenced to be Scrapped 30. Inevitable War 31. Deepening Bonds 32. Various Battles 33. Ranpu Vs. Bahamut 34. Payment For Treason 35. The Final Voyage 36. True Peace 37. The Destruction of the Soyokaze 38. From Here to Eternity 39. Epilogue... Definite Feelings 40. I'll Always Be Looking At You - Remix
A perfect companion piece to the recently released OVA series on DVD! There was no editing when this favorite was brought over from Japan! It contains everything a fan could want including 40 tracks of great music, voice clips from the Japanese version of the show, in depth explanations of the events behind each audio track and a translation of the remixed version of "I'll Always Be Looking At You".
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