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CD: The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA Soundtrack 1

Regular Price: $6.99

Our Price: $5.99

Out of stock
1. Prologue...Distant Feelings
2. To Wide Open Space...
3. Emergency on the Frontier
4. A Scheme Like Fire
5. The Name is Project R
6. The Type Who's Always on the Scene
7. The Soldiers' Hangout
8. The School of Brain and Brawn
9. A Private Inquiry
10. 0A Soldier with a Special Duty.
11. 1What and Why?
12. Subject of Analysis
13. Official Inquiry
14. An Unforeseen Situation
15. What and Why, Redux
16. Emergency Measures
17. Surprise!
18. Scattered Cherry Blossoms
19. The Red Flash
20. In My Name...
21. My Name is "Captain"
22. A Man's Concrete Ambitions
23. A Character Proposal
24. The Breath of Storm Clouds
25. The War They Call Peace
26. A Clear Secret 27. The Subjects' Doubts 28. Traces of the Formless
29. Sentenced to be Scrapped
30. Inevitable War
31. Deepening Bonds
32. Various Battles
33. Ranpu Vs. Bahamut
34. Payment For Treason
35. The Final Voyage
36. True Peace
37. The Destruction of the Soyokaze
38. From Here to Eternity
39. Epilogue... Definite Feelings
40. I'll Always Be Looking At You - Remix Learn More

CD: Utena Original Soundtrack: Eve of Absolute Evolution Revolution

Regular Price: $12.99

Our Price: $5.99

1. Revolutionary Girl (Overture)
2. Round Dance (Revolution)
3. Subtitle
4. Brightened Garden
5. School Scarlet (Utena's Theme)
6. School Lyric
7. Jump Up Beauty
8. Sigh of the Rose (Anthy's Theme)
9. She Is Refined
10. Her Tragedy
11. Eros' Dance
12. Heart's Dice
13. Invisible Rose
14. Reminiescence Paradise
15. Death of Aphrodite
16. Brightened Garden (Illusion)
17. Person Who Shoots at the Sun
18. Passionate
19. Memory of an Idea
20. Legend (The God's Name Is Abraxas)
21. Eye Catch
22. Alien Kashira (A Silhouette Girl's Theme)
23. Revelation of Absolute Destiny
24. Duelists
25. Prayer to Dios
26. When Where Who Which
27. Inside the Body of the Paleozoic Era
28. Spira Mirabirisu Theater
29. Angel Creation, Namely Light
30. Last Evolution (Evolution Revolution Eve) 31. Sealed Spell
32. No One Talks About It
33. Revelation of Absolute Destiny [Industrial Mix]
34. Announcement of the Next Time
35. Truth
36. Revelation of Absolute Destiny [Karaoke] Learn More

CD: Vampire Princess Official Soundtrack

Regular Price: $9.99

Our Price: $5.99

Out of stock
34 Tracks Learn More

CD: X Original Soundtrack 1

Regular Price: $7.99

Our Price: $5.99

Out of stock
13 Tracks Learn More

CD: X Original Soundtrack 2

Regular Price: $7.99

Our Price: $5.99

16 Tracks Learn More

CD: Yamamoto Yohko Vocals
1. Shake It (Original version with a super intro)
2. Seize the Universe
3. Never Say, I Love You
4. Closer Than Fate
5. Dreams Are Pantomimes
6. Lonely Soul
7. The Devil's Cha Cha Cha
8. Exciting Locomotion
9. Who's Gonna Get a Ride On Your Bike?
10. You Know...
11. Shake It (Stage:3 version with a super intro) Learn More

DVD: .Hack//Sign 3: Gestalt

Tsukasa has been captured by the Crimson Knights! Subaru talks with him and tries to understand his plight, but the unbalanced Sora stages a jailbreak and disrupts everything! Confusion mounts within the group as Mimiru confronts BT about her betrayal. Mimiru decides to give it all up, but after a chance encounter with another player, she changes her mind. As the clues unfold, everything points to a powerful legendary item called 'The Key of the Twilight'. Could this be the source of all the trouble in 'The World'? Everyone seems to think so. Alliances are formed and plots are hatched as all eyes fall towards uncovering the whereabouts to this new item. Learn More

DVD: .Hack//Sign 3: Gestalt - Limited Edition

Mimiru, Bear, and Tsukasa participate in a sponsored event and seem to have a good time at it. However, in the real world, a doctor and a parent discuss the fate of a child in a coma. But who is it?

With some help from the mysterious and powerful hacker named Helba, Crim and B.T. manage to discover the secret portal called the Twilight Eye. They are transported to a hidden realm where the search for the secret Key of the Twilight that may hold the fate of Tsukasa within it, but will these answers be worth the ultimate price?

DVD Features: Interactive Animated Menus, Dolby Digital Isolated Score Audio Track, .hack Timeline, Character Gallery, Previews

Limited Edition DVD Extras: Limited to 15,000, Limited Edition DVD Slipcover, Original CD Soundtrack #3

Learn More

DVD: .Hack//Sign 4: Omnipotence

After the battle at the upside-down castle, everyone but Tsukasa is returned to a regular field in "The World". Did Tsukasa die? What happened to him? Captured by a previously friendly unseen force, Tsukasa reappears with parts of his memories, thoughts, and feelings "missing". Is this really Tsukasa or just a copy of the character's data?

The other players have their own problems as well - Subaru discovers that the Silver Knight have been hiding messages from her with the latest request by the System Administrator threatening to end with disastrous results! Learn More

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