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DVD: Yu-Gi-Oh 02: Into the Hornet's Nest
Episode 4: Into the Hornet's Nest

Once Yugi and his friends reach Duelist Kingdom, Pegasus announces that there are many strange secrets on the island which will make his ultimate tournament unlike any they've ever had. But when Weevil begins to use these mysterious new rules against Yugi in a duel. Yugi must not only figure the rules out, but master them if he's to survive!

Episode 5: The Ultimate Great Moth

After YUGI defeats Weevil's first wave of Duel Monsters, he's shocked to discover that Weevil has one last trick up his sleeve; a ravenous Great Moth that grows in power with every turn! Can Yugi find a way to destroy this winged beast before it destroys him?

Episode 6: First Duel

Joey searches for a dueling opponent he stands a chance of beating when he finds himself courageously accepting a challenge from veteran duelist, Mai. But when Mai begins to demonstrate an unnerving psychic-like ability, Joey becomes totally flustered, leaving him no choice but to figure out Mai's secret strategy before falling victim to it!
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DVD: Yu-Gi-Oh 05: Evil Spirit of the Ring
Episode 13: Evil Spirit of the Ring

Yugis classmate Bakura, possessed by his Millennium Rings dark powers, traps Yugi and friends in a Shadow Game where they become the cards themselves! Not only must Yugi battle to avoid becoming a permanent part of the card game, but also free Bakuras soul from the Millennium Rings control!

Episode 14: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Pegasus hired duelist PaniK cheats Mai of all her star chips, and Yugi vows to defeat him and win them back. But when PaniKs Castle of Dark Illusinos enshrouds his monsters in a black mist, Yugi must defeat an enemy he can not see!

Episode 15: Winning Through Intimidation

Despite his astonishing disadvantage, Yugi boldly provokes PaniK: Ill finish you in three turns. Is Yugi bluffing, or does he have the advantage in this battle of wits?
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DVD: Yu-Gi-Oh 07: Double Trouble Duel
Episode 19

Trapped in the labyrinth cave, Yugi and his friends find an alternate exit, but the door is guarded by Pegasus Paradox Brothers. Yugi and Joey will no longer be battling solo. They must band together in a team battle against the Paradox Brothers.

Episode 20

Yugi and Joey pool their strengths and manage to fend off their opponents monsters, but things are about to change as the Paradox Brothers summon the almighty Gate Guardian, a monster that reflects all attacks.

Episode 21

Yugi and Joey each unleash their strongest monster, the Summonded Skull, and the Red-Eyes B. Dragon, but their strength pales in comparison to the tremendous power of the Gate Guardian.

DVD Features: Monster stats, preview of Konamis new video game Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duelists of the Roses and an exclusive YU-GI-OH! music video.
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DVD: Yu-Gi-Oh 08: Face Off: Yugi vs. Kaiba
Episode 22: Face Off - Part I

Using the magic of the Millennium Eye, Pegasus traps Mokubas soul inside a card right before Kaibas eyes! In order to earn the right to challenge Pegasus, Kaiba must first beat Yugi and take his star chips.

Episode 23: Face Off - Part II

Kaiba summons the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, the strongest monster in the game fused from three Blue-Eyes White Dragons! Yugi has lost all his powerful Duel Monsters, but a true duelist never gives up!

Episode 24: Face Off - Part III

Yugi begins spinning a strategy to put the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to rest, but he must decide whether to claim victory or spare Kaiba his life. Yugis heart is split in two!

DVD Features: Monster stats, preview of Konamis new game Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duelists of the Roses and an exclusive YU-GI-OH! music video. Learn More

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