Why did your order not go through during checkout? You have your credit card in hand, all the items you want to buy are not out of stock, and all the necessary information is entered correctly. So what happened?

Here are some of the common issues we encounter (and it's the same reasons in many other online stores) when a customer's order did not go through.

The most common problem - when the customer enters the wrong information.

Double check to make sure all your information is correct.

The credit card was declined. The transaction attempt on the credit card was declined by the issuing bank or institution.

The reason why the bank declined the transaction varies. One may be a limit set on the credit card to automatically decline large amount transactions. Another may be the credit card is near or over the credit limit. There may also be a hold on the account, or the account itself is not in good standing or closed. If you are in a shaky financial situation, you might want to ask yourself why you want to purchase our products.

One other possibility may be, if you know your finances are sound, the credit card company may choose to decline a transaction purely for its own reasons.

When your card gets declined, the best way to resolve the problem is use another credit card (or debit card). If you have a PayPal account, switch to that to complete your purchase.

The postal code is not valid in the billing address.

We run into this problem a lot with our international customers, especially those from Canada and European countries such as the UK.

Simply put, the postal code need to be entered as one entity, without a space in between. For example, if your postal code is G75 8QD, you will need to enter it as G758QD. The space separating the postal code, even if that is how the postal code appears normally, will cause the transaction to not go through.

Customer e-mail already exists.

That means you already registered an account on our site. 

If you don't remember what your password is, go to the Log In page and click on the Forgot Your Password? link. Enter the e-mail address you registered with and you will receive an e-mail with your new password. You may choose a new password in the Account Information page. We can also assist you if you have trouble resetting your password.

If you don't want to do all that? Just use another e-mail address.

A quick note regarding PayPal orders. All PayPal orders need to be paid upfront via PayPal for the transaction to be complete. Orders with PayPal chosen as a payment method but not completed by going into your PayPal account and paying the purchase total will be canceled. 

In other words, don't expect us to ship your order to you if you picked PayPal as a way to pay for your order but don't actually pay us.

Finally, if you do see your order did not go through, contact us! We'll be glad to work with you and see what is going on causing your order to not go through.